Pro league


SAPDO's Innaugural Pro League 


Shawn "Slow Jam" RykliefShawn "Slow Jam"Ryklief was crowned the champion at the end of the night. What a great and deserved champion playing for weeks in the round robin phase and to end up playing the finals after 4am in the morning was a sight to behold. Well done Shawn you made us all proud.






The professional league concept was started in the Western Cape to give players the opportunity to play for financial reward while SAPDO was growing to the form and structure of the PDC and the DPA. This gave players the experience to get a feel for the longer individual formats played by professional overseas. The league ran over a period of 4 months with a 120 participants during this period. Many players could not cope with the level of competition and decided to pull out as the weeks moved on. The field was a averaging in the range of 30-40 players a night on league nights. The top 16 ranked players after the league round competed for the overall title of SAPDO Pro League Champion.


Everyone accepts that SAPDO would not grow overnight into the powerhouse organisations like the PDC and DPA and it would take dedication and hard work to move the orgainsation forward. Rob Denny of the DPA explained in a communication how astounded he was to see how fast SAPDO is moving considering it took the DPA 11 years to move into the professional sphere. SAPDO is encouraged by his comments and we expect to be taking bigger strides in 2013.


The night of the finals was a momentous occassion for all involved. The top sixteen players fought into the early hours of the morning to decide the eventual pro league champion. It was amazing to see the crowd stay until 4am to watch the final game. It was a tough learning curve for players and organisers as never before was this done in South African darts. The dedication of everyone was amazing.




Pictures from the Finals

Devon "The Saprtan" Petersen popped in to address the players and crowd on his break from the the PDC circuit.