Created on 19 July 2012


Donation to Western Province Blow Darts Association (WPBDA) Rejected


SAPDO formed relationships with the WPBDA over a year ago. Most of the players in the WPBDA are either paraplegics' or quadriplegics'. We offered to donate 8 new Unicorn Eclipse Pro dartboards to the WPBDA. SAPDO is sponsored by Unicorn and we want to support other dart sporting codes to ensure the growth of the sport continues in all spheres.


SAPDO was contacted by the chairperson of the WPBDA and he indicated that they would love to accept the donation as it would allow them to utilise those funds in other areas that required financial support. WPBDA being affiliates of Western Province Dart Board of Control (WPDBOC) and Darts South Africa (DSA) had to inform them of this donation from SAPDO. The chairperson of WPBDA came back to SAPDO indicating that DSA and WPDBOC have told them they were not allowed to accept this offer as SAPDO was an unrecognised structure and should WPBDA accept it could affect their affiliation with DSA and WPDBOC.

SAPDO is heartbroken by the decision taken by DSA and WPDBOC. We earnestly want to build the sport in the social, amateur, professional and disabled codes to ensure that top players are afforded opportunities. Andrew Fester's being a paraplegic had a vision of growing the sport of darts in all spheres and SAPDO want to continue and build on his dream. This would also ensure in future, that we produce the best players in South Africa and they would be able to earn a living from the sport, like in other sporting codes where professionals are recognised.

We commit to the blow dart association (WPBDA) and when we receive our next batch of dartboards we will make the offer again. We hope that the amateur bodies will change their view, as we know WPBDA desperately requires assistance of this nature to grow and promote their sport.


SAPDO has now focused its attention in other areas which can be viewed under our CSI initiatives.


SAPDO believes in the quote "When Preparation meets Opportunity, Great things happen." (Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman Philosopher) 



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