Created on 19 January 2013

SAPDO Launches New Website


The launch of our new website is one of the exciting moments for professional dart players and supporters in South Africa. We would like to thank and Athan Al Malambo for the invaluable support and dedication shown developing and assisting SAPDO with our new site.


Our first site was hacked and poorly supported by the previous developers. The security of the site, backup service, failure to uphold contractual obligations and cost agreements, and unprofessional commentary on the site was unbelievable. We advise everyone looking for professionals in the website development and security field to research the supplier and get references from clients to ensure they will receive the best service for their needs. Watch out for services run from a home environment without support.


SAPDO will be launching our NEW Player and World Player Database soon. This will allow SAPDO players and any other dart player from around the world to register on our site and upload their profiles. Supporters can follow the latest achievements of SAPDO players on the website as the players update their profiles.


There are three categories of registration, Professional, Amateur and Social. Players will be able to arrange tournaments, competitions or get into contact with players from all over the globe. Our vision is to bring the darting world to your doorstep and build relationships between the various darting codes. We are sure this will add value in our attempts to get darts at the Olympics one day. Keep an eye out for the launch of our Player Database and get registered. This is a unique development in the sport and we hope the world participates into building relationships in our darting stratosphere.


SAPDO would like to thank Nolan Arendse for the endless hours he spent developing and designing (with Athan), researching, articles and populating the site. We would also like to thank Charles Losper for assisting Nolan by sacrificing many hours developing, designing, articles and populating the site. Nolan and Charles are the site administrators keeping us informed and updated.


In closing, our site will be regularly updated and upgraded to ensure we have all the latest news and technology available for our members and the rest of the world.


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