Created on 19 January 2013

                              SAPDO supports CANSA Relay for Life


Firstly, the SAPDO Board, Management, Members and dart lovers we would like to take this time to offer our most sincere condolences to Rustin Ward and his family for the passing of his beloved wife, Rozelda Ward in December. Rustin plays in our leagues and supported SAPDO from day one. Even through testing times Rustin would come and play which shows his love for the sport. SAPDO was honoured with the presence of the Ward family at our Premier League opening at the Strand Towers Hotel, Cape Town. We wish you power and strength during this period and hope to see you at our next league events.



Norounisa and WaleedNorounisa Clayton, wife of Waleed Clayton was diagnosed with Breast cancer on 28/09/2012. 

What makes this story so unique is her attitude and determination to beat Cancer. She was all alone at Hospital when she received the news. Under normal circumstances, any person would fear the worst and submit. Not Norounisa, she accepted her sickness immediately, and prepared herself for her journey.







While sharing the news with her family, friends and neighbours, she continuously reminded them not to pity her, not to hide her sickness and to continuously pray for her because she firmly believes that Cancer can be beaten. She wanted all to go on with their lives as if nothing has changed and that attitude was the foundation to her success.


When discussing various options with the Surgeons, she did not hesitate to go for Mastectomy (removal of the breast) because some cancer was detected under the armpits. The procedure was done on 24/10/2012 and subsequent test results have indicated that all cancer has been removed. She has been advised to go on the Hormonal Therapy treatment for six months to lower the hormone estrogen in the body and to block the action of estrogen on breast cancer cells. She will then start Radiation Therapy on Thursday 17/01/2013 to prevent cancer from reappearing at a later stage. Norounisa has joined up with CANSA Relay for Life in Mitchells Plain and shared her experience with them. Her objective is to raise cancer awareness, especially breast cancer amongst women.


CANSA Relay for Life, Mitchells Plain, will be having a 12 hour relay on Saturday 23/02/2013 from 5pm to 6am to raise funds for cancer awareness. Cancer survivors like Norounisa, cancer sufferers and families of those that lost the battle are encouraged to enter teams of 10-15 people for this event. We will also be remembering the late Rozelda Ward (wife of Rustin Ward) who lost her battle in December.


Some SAPDO members have committed to support this event at Steven Reagan Sports grounds, Mitchells Plain.


Visit the following webpage for more detail. (


Norounisa will be entering at least two teams into the event at a cost of R650 a team. We hereby request All SAPDO members, dart players and supporters to contribute a minimum of R20 to support Norounisa in her goal. Monies must be deposited into the SAPDO bank account with the reference: 22672-(your name). SAPDO bank details are listed below.


Monies are to be deposited/transferred into SAPDO’S Bank Account
Name: The SA Pro Darts Organisation
Bank: Standard bank
Account Number: 070650365
Branch Code: 020-909
Ref: 22672-(your name)


Cancer can be beaten!!