Created on 14 January 2013

Darts Aids Numeracy


Our latest development is the partnership being formed with a local primary school to use darts as an aid for numeracy, thereby improving the math skills of young learners and introducing the sport to the younger generation. 


The partnership is being formed by a local primary school, SAPDO, and the Rise and Shine Youth Development Project (RASYDP). Details of the school involved will be given once the partnership is finalised. Representing RASYDP is the founder, Iona Beukes and representing SAPDO is Nolan Arendse. We are sure this new venture will empower young learners by improving their numeracy skills and also expose our sport. This pilot project will determine expansion to other schools, regions and communities. We are positive that we can make a difference and that our partnership is beneficial to all role players.


SAPDO's partnerships with RASYDP has given us access to grassroots development and making a difference in our communities.