Created on 15 October 2012

The PDC – South African Masters 2012



Charl "The Warrior" PietersenThe 22 year old, Charl Pietersen, from Pniel in the Boland area has won the 2012 PDC – SA Masters in convincing style to secure his place at the Ladbrokes World Championships. Charl “The Warrior” Pietersen decided to commit to SAPDO this year (2012) and is reaping the benefit of his hard work.


Charl played brilliantly to defeat two-time PDC Masters and Grand Slam Qualifier, Charles "The Sensation" Losper. Charl averaged a 96.09 three dart average in the final and beat Charles 9-1.




This year the Masters was contested over a two day period starting with four blocks and the top four of each block entering the knockout phase. The top 16 would then battle it out for a place in the top 8 on the final day.


Top 8 players were Charl Pietersen, Charles Losper, Jason Hendricks, Shawn Hogan, Nolan Arendse, Jason Erasmus, Waleed Clayton and Hugo Deysel.


The competition produced the highest standards throughout the weekend and we can expect 2013 to be even tougher.




The Warrior and The SensationSAPDO met up with Charl Pietersen after the final :


How did you feel going into the tournament?  Well I felt great for the first time in many years, but I did not know I was going to win it.

 What went through your mind when you saw you have to face the two times PDC SA Masters Champion?  When I realised I was in the final against Charles, I knew I had to start playing darts from the very first chuck otherwise he (Charles) will eat me for breakfast if I give him that chance.


How do you feel now that you have won? I feel great and excited to have another accolade added to my list in darts and just want to go over to the world championships and enjoy my darts as I enjoyed it here today. I also want to thank my uncle Gavin Kulsen who always stood by me , and who always had the trust in me to excel, Charles Losper also for guiding me all these years even thou he knew he will have to face me in competitions, he will always have positive things to say to me.


What do you have to say to other youngsters out there?  We must take the opportunities if and when it is there, because no one will just give it to you. I am not disappointed that I have made the change to cross over to the professional arena from amateur darts. I would like to encourage the other youngsters to make the choice that will change your life and the standard of your darts. It is an amazing feeling knowing that you have won the biggest competition ever to be played on African soil. Thank you PDC, SAPDO, Best of Order, Unicorn and whoever else have made this possible.





Devon "The Spartan" PetersenSAPDO met up with Devon "The Spartan" Petersen to get his views






Did you enjoy the final match and what are your views? The final was fantastic and we witnessed the crowning of a new champion and a young talent named Charl Pietersen. Charles Losper could not compete with the young star on the day but he still remains one of SAPDO's top players. With averages of 96 by Charl in the final displaying not only his ability and talent but the BMT to perform at your best when it matters most and this will stand him in good stead if the same form can be taken on to the world stage.



Where do you see professional darts in South Africa's sporting future? SA is definitely moving in the right direction with the quality of players coming through the ranks and discovering new talent that will keep the game alive for years to come. South Africa is recognised by the world and that in itself speaks volumes on how far we have come and what the future holds for us as SAPDO members. We have the talent in abundance but still progressing to acquire the structures so that the sport can be exposed in the media within South Africa and ambitions to emulate the PDC in the United Kingdom.



Any advice for players that could inspire them to newer heights with your experienced gained on the PDC pro tour?  Never give up on a dream. If your dream is to play on the circuit and become a professional dart player just know the only person responsible for achieving your dreams are you. Always work hard at your game and remember the 3 D's Determination, Dedication and Discipline this should be the guidelines of any and every sports person striving for excellence.


How are you coping with your injury and what does the future hold for you as our first professional player?  I suffered a injury to my right wrist and right thumb the most important mechanical parts of my throw and as the doctor recommended that rest or a operation will heal this so I guess for now I will rest it and it will mean that my career is on hold but I'm sure it's not the last you will hear about Devon 'The Spartan' Petersen.




SAPDO provided the venue via the Leisure Hotel Group, at a value of R6000 and would like to take this opportunity to thank the PDC and SA PDC representative Jon McGowan for bringing the SA Masters to Cape Town.


Thanks must also go to the BOO events in assisting Jon McGowan, Lennie Thomas (SAPDO TD) for running the tourney on the day, SAPDO players and artisans for putting up the boards, all lighting and electrical work and scorekeepers and match update recorders. 


What a fantastic tournament!, SAPDO cannot wait to see what 2013 holds!