Corporate Social Investment


Corporate Social Investment (CSI)


SAPDO was born from the need to give South African dart players the opportunity to create a living from their sport. Darts is a minority sport played mostly by lower income earners, indigent communities and the unemployed. Bearing this in mind, the board has identified that SAPDO can do more than just create a sustainable environment for dart players. The need to develop and create opportunities for our youth and small businesses as well as employment for our communities, has been identified as key focus areas. SAPDO has identified some key projects and has been investing skills and resources into assisting projects and creating awareness around important causes.


SAPDO is currently focusing on one project and one cause that we feel darts can be beneficial and advantageous to; creating stronger communities and awareness. These two are the Rise and Shine Youth Development Project and CANSA.




 1.The Rise and Shine Youth Development Project

 SAPDO believes that darts can play a pivotal role in our communities by showing young men the opportunities are within our reach and achievable. Many of the youngsters living in our indigent communities do not have easy access to sport and other resources. When we look at the heights Devon “The Spartan” Petersen has achieved in the sport and the inspiration he has become within our communities, SAPDO knows that we can do more to inspire, grow and strengthen our communities across South Africa. More information about this project can be found below.




 RISE & SHINE Youth Development Project is dedicated to rescuing young boys from the social ills of their community. We teach love, respect & values so that they become protectors not perpetrators.



To rescue young boys from the social ills of their community by providing a safe learning environment for them to thrive in


To send stable, balanced, loving young men out into society where they can contribute positively and live healthily


To teach boys leadership skills
- To heal the home environment they come from
- To educate boys about their human rights
- To develop their confidence and character


More information and details about this ongoing project and daily activities can be found on the link below:!/RiseShineYouthDevelopmentProject



2.Cancer Awareness


Cancer has no boundaries and SAPDO would like to make not only its members aware of cancer but as many people as we can. Our members and families are not excluded from this illness and for many years our members and their families had to deal with cancer and the emotional toll that it takes on all who are impacted. We believe that cancer CAN be beaten and the more awareness created, the more attention it will receive and education plays a key role in this learning curve.


Two of our members have been exposed to the reality of cancer through their closest family members. One member has been dealing with this reality for many years while another has just recently been confronted by it.

We will be posting articles and links on our website to create awareness and educate the widest possible audience we can. SAPDO will be running special cancer awareness darts competitions in order to raise funds for this cause.


Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the competition dates. We expect all our members to participate in these events and give back to our communities by creating awareness via the sport.


Below is the link to CANSA South Africa: