Players Committee


The players committee was elected to deal with disciplinary matters concerning players only. A draft policy was tabled by the committee and still needs to be ratified by the management committee and the board. The most important factors are that we conform to the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA) and local legislation. Once our documents are found to be in compliance with the DRA and local legislation, it will be posted on the website. In the meantime the Players Committee members will handle disciplinary matters and forward to the management team and board.

Each region will have theie own sub-committee to deal with regional disciplinary matters. Sub-committees must liaise with the Players Committee with regard to discipline cases. All sanctions will be forwarded to the SAPDO management committee.


Players Committee Members




George PetersenGeorge Petersen









Bevan WilsonBevan Wilson







Warrick SchefferWarrick Scheffer








Earl PentolfeEarl Pentolfe







Craig WilliamsCraig Williams